Jetlegend Plug & Play


The well-known association with BVM Jets in the USA has produced the Plug and Play (PNP) range of jets now available to order for the UK/European market.

BVM influence has produced better flying, better built and better value products and are almost ready to go out-of-the-box – all you need to fit is the turbine, receiver, batteries.

Plug and Play Jets come with the following as standard/factory fitted (depending on model):


  • Landing Gear, Gear Doors and Air/Speed Brakes (were applicable)
  • Custom paint (out of the mould) includes insignia etc.
  • Light System
  • Smoke System
  • All Servos (HV, High Torque), linkages and control horns
  • Retract/Brake Valve system and Digital Sequencer (controls retracts, brakes, nose leg centering on retraction, failsafe, battery voltage, optional RPM and pressure indication)
  • Fuel Tanks (plumbed system)
  • Full Servo Lead Set
  • Scale Cockpit
  • Bubble Trap
  • Fuel Filler
  • Air System Filler

Delivery within UK not included. 

Some of the more complex paint schemes may incur small extra charges but this is quite rare.

The quality of the installation is very good with cable and tubes secured and everything mounted securely. However it is worth spending a little time going through the install to check as, let's face it, we're all human and errors can occur!

These jets are supplied to BVM customers with exactly the same build quality as any Jetlegend customer. They are not built on a separate production line with any different quality control or poor quality parts.

The PNP range are built to order and can take 16 weeks to deliver; however delivery times depend on production demands at the factory.

Of course, purchasing a fully factory installed jet is expensive but consider the cost of the included items and also your personal labour time; I'm sure you will agree that the PNP jets actually represent very good value.

The plug and play build can be modified to your requirements, i.e. no smoke system etc. Please email or call to discuss your build/scheme.

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